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Amid Growing Demand For Modernized Approaches To Support New Datasets, Institutional Investors Embrace Research Management Systems.

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Rising Complexity

The quantity and complexity of research sources are on the rise, particularly with the increasing client preference for ESG, and new quantitative, fundamental and hybrid investment strategies powered by alternative data.

Solving Top Pain Points

Despite all the progress made in terms of standards over the past two decades, normalizing data so it can be put to work still remains a major challenge. There is still much to be done to prepare the data before it can be used for comparison and analysis.

Aging Systems

In the past 10 years, the marketplace has really expanded with the rise of firms like Backstop and Dynamo, which also offer CRM solutions and specialize more in alternative assets, and SaaS/cloud-native RMS providers like Bipsync, which bring a more modernized architecture and approach.

Integration and Information Flow

The urgency of managing alternative data, as well as general dissatisfaction with document management, are forcing asset managers and asset owners to consider a more modernized architecture and approach to systems.