The Complete Buyer's Guide to Fund RMS 

Everything you need to evaluate investment research management solutions for your fund [Download]

An efficient, mobile and compliant research management  process is no longer a nice to have. But one size doesn't always fit all... 

Updated for 2020-21 with new market trends, templates and resources, use this vendor-neutral Buyers Kit to help evaluate the best Research Management approach for your fund.

Resources in the RMS Buyer's Kit:


  • The Ultimate Guide to Fund RMS: Everything you wanted to know about RMS, packed into this 21-page buyers guide. 
  • Research Compliance Must-Haves: A guide to the regulations that impact research processes, data and practices. 
  • RMS Demo Checklist: Get the most out of your vendor demos and evaluate solutions consistently across 9 key topics.
  • Questions to Ask in an RMS Reference Call: The 15 critical questions for any client reference call, from features and functionality to pricing and configuration.
  • Sample Vendor Questionnaire and Functional Criteria: Sample questions, criteria and themes for your RMS vendor due-diligence assessment.