Investment Research Management Survey 2020 

Findings and analysis from an industry survey into the increasingly complex research and data management processes in Asset Managers and Asset Owners, shows investment research management processes, tools, technology and objectives are changing in institutional investors.


According to the findings, asset owners and asset managers demand more structured systems, processes and workflows across the research lifecycle, as they grapple with rising volumes of data and content and information and organizational silos. Following in-depth interviews with 57 executives, conducted by Greenwich Associates, these two 12-page reports delve further into the priorities, challenges and opportunities for asset managers and asset owners in their research management approaches, and the technology stack used in the process. 


Asset Managers Insights Report 

More Asset Managers are evaluating modern research technology and automation to help them better extract value from the rising volume and complexity of data and content in their end-to-end research processes. 


Download the asset manager report to learn why modern software for more structured research and data management, integrated workflows and collaboration has risen up the ranks of manager priorities...


Asset Owners Insights Report

Asset Owners and Allocators are increasingly adopting modern research software and automation tools to help streamline manager diligence processes, vendor tracking and manager evaluation.


Download the asset owner report to discover why technology for data normalization, streamlining diligence workflows and documentation, and collaboration have come to the fore...



“Two functionalities come to mind on my research technology wish-list: 1) Workflow Automation and, 2) Automated Document Storage.”



– Asset Owner


We use a third-party RMS, but find it deficient in one key area: Sharing info across teams and collaboration."



- Asset Manager


“The functionality that is missing in our system is  the ability to have data flow between different departments such as legal and our sales group." 


- Asset Owner


"Just as the investment research landscape is changing, investment firms need to change how they consume this research to ensure they are positioned for success."

- Dan Connell, Head of Greenwich Associates Market Structure Practice and Co-author of "Research Management Systems: Essential Tools for Modern Investors."



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